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When times are tough, inspiration and hope are as vital as oxygen. Using a microlearning approach, BOOSTERS is a fun, interactive program to keep your team motivated during difficult times, with insightful tips, morale-boosting activities and daily engagement. Whether it’s 5 people working from home, or 1,000 people at the office, this Alliance customized experience will keep their spirits high and their productivity sharp.

Did you know?

Bite-size learning delivers a bigger bang!
Studies show:

17% greater
participant engagement

It’s 30% cheaper

It delivers almost twice the
of traditional learning

Microlearning topics are set
by your agenda. Examples include:


Realizing our potential, assuming responsibility.


Challenging our biases, promoting effective teamwork.

Business acumen

Developing strategic thinking and problem solving.


Internalizing company values, applying best practices.

Project management

Conceiving, planning and executing a task.

Sales & customer relationships

The fine art of managing professional relationships, the psychology of sales.

Resilience in adversity

Remaining productive and positive whatever life throws your way.

Working from home

Successful habits for remote workers.