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You’d be surprised how much can be accomplished in a single session – especially when it doesn’t feel like “work” at all.

Alliance corporate events and festivals squeeze
big life lessons into little packages. Most can be
held over one day. Shared, interactive experience is the best teacher. Our events spark meaningful collective moments that linger in the mind. After all, feelings are what really stick with us, not power point presentations. Participants come away moved and inspired, which is a great foundation for
enduring, positive change.

Sometimes there’s more than one box to get out of


33% of people say they remember what they did with others more than anything they did alone. ”
61% of people say that a group experience influenced their thinking long after the moment was over. ”

We all have an innate desire to celebrate.
Around the world, cultures have special days like Eid, to give thanks for the things that define them as a community.
Bring that communal feeling to your company and see the lasting impact it makes. Positive social experiences are essential to our wellbeing as humans and can dramatically improve work performance.
Alliance Festivals can be held in open or closed venues, or on digital platforms, and last a day. Participants choose from various fun, interactive exhibits and activities at their leisure.

Alliance festivals are centred on themes relevant to your objectives. Past areas of focus include:


Ignite your creativity and innovation


Overcome your fears, unleash your personal power


Work as one for a common goal

Celebrating Achievement

Recognise all you’ve accomplished together

Learning Agility

Embrace the cycle of learning and growth


Take pride in a shared, positive culture


Generate well-being, be thankful for the moment

Learning and development

Inspiring examples of growth and innovation


Celebrate the exceptional qualities of high performers culture

Human Talent 4.0

The limitless potential of ordinary people

Discover is all about recapturing that thrill, the joys that come from expanding horizons.
We are all lifelong learners.
Our classroom is lived experience and oumethod is experiential learning. Every Discover event is a fun-filled happening guaranteed to get employees excited about learning again.

Ideal for 100+ participants, Discover combines full-group interactive sessions with smaller subgroup gatherings, featuring multimedia content designed to amuse, instruct and inspire.

Discover events can be tailored to your objectives. Past areas of focus include:


Instill real belief in what your company stands for


Motivate female employee to unleash their potential.


Learn to envision and actualize real-world objectives

Happiness and Wellbeing

Create a positive, supportive work atmosphere


Translate potential into performance in key areas

Personal Productivity

Stress-free, high-performance strategies for today’s working reality

Make Time

Design and manage your workday in the age of distraction


empower your team to overcome any challenge.